Autumnal clear roof wedding

Harry & Katie

2020 February 21

Long rows of banqueting tables with cross back chairs set the scene for the wedding reception. The clear roof marquee added a modern and contemporary feel to the dining experience..

Surrounded by Welsh hills above Hay-on-Wye, a real statement of a reception was created for Harry and Katie's Autumn Wedding Party.

The modern marquee with its large panoramic roof was complimented by a rustic interior. Beautifully decorated tables lined by wooden cross-backed chairs held the grand banquet.

The most breathtaking floral display was created by a team of 15 people. It was suspended from the marquee structure and stretched for the entire length of each of the dining tables.

As the daylight fades, the marquee reception is illuminated by tea lights placed in the suspended floral display. Accompanied by outdoor flood lighting all visible underneath the clear roofs of the marquee.
The catering staff were on hand to make sure there wasn't an empty glass all evening. Topped up champagne flutes sparkling underneath the marquee lighting
Exterior shot of the lighting used to illuminate the marquee well after the sun had set. Green and white flood lights lit the surrounding area for the guests to view through the clear roof marquee
Guests sat at banqueting tables of the reception enjoying the wedding breakfast as the day turns into night.

As day turned into night, lighting changed the atmosphere to a warm ambience. The softening glow from the drop lighting in the foliage and candle light tables set the mood for guests to relax and chat long into the evening, or take a stroll around the surrounding greenery.

At the far end of the marque, a backdrop with star-like, white LED lights surrounded the band on the black and white chequered dance floor. Outside, amber and green floodlighting illuminated the area allowing the guests to see the trees towing above them from inside the marquee.

Festoon lighting leads the way to the front of the wedding marquee reception