10 Reasons to have a wedding marquee reception

Can't decide between a traditional wedding venue and a marquee wedding?

by: Acacia

2020 February 21
Inside an ivory lined clearspan marquee with round tables and lime washed chivari chairs on top of a champagne coloured carpet. Fairy lights and chandeliers are suspended above in the ivory roof linings

1. Work to your own budget

Managing the budget and allocating funds appropriately is one of the most important parts of managing the whole wedding. The best part is the marquee can be made as big or as small as you need as well as include as much furniture and fixings as you require. It's not a one price suites all scenario, and can be tailored to fall in line with the funds available.

2. Decide on the location

Is there a special place that holds fond memories for you both? A marquee can be set up and placed in a whole range of places. Whether it be an open field, riverbank, walled garden or woodland setting, the possibilities are endless and each totally unique to you and your day.

3. Open up the views

With the use of clear window walls and roofs, you really can maximise the views and bring the outside in, creating an unspoilt, panoramic view of your surroundings.

An outside evening shot of a clearspan marquee. floodlit trees surround the marquee and the fairy lights shine through the clear section of the panoramic roof panels

4. Customise the entire design of the marquee

The modular design of the marquee means that it can be any size to accommodate the number of guests attending. You can also design specific areas any way you want, to ensure the day runs according to plan. Typical areas can include a reception, dining, dance floor, chill out area. Make sure to include somewhere for the services to carry out their roles such as the bar, catering and band areas.

5. Choose the times of the day

Venues in particular are used to having a specific time for guests to arrive, the ceremony to begin and for the food and refreshments to be served. We think it's nice for you to be able to choose these times for yourself and not have to fit around the schedule of other parties.

6. Select the theme

You want your wedding reception to be unique and be an occasion that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Controlling the way the space looks, feels and works for you is a huge part of making the day special and exclusive to you. This can be achieved with the marquee looks, the layout and design of the space as well as the views and location. Everything comes together to give you a truly special day that is individual to your wedding.

7. You have the marquee for longer

Wedding Marquee hire is typically for the entire length of the weekend (for a Saturday wedding). We also like to give our customers as much time with the equipment as possible. In most cases you would have access Thursday and Friday in order to be able to decorate and personalise the space as you see fit. Traditional wedding venues may be limited to the times in which you can access the building or indeed charge you for these extra days.

seating plan on hessian

8. Choose when your celebration ends

Venues, particularly those surrounded by residential properties would normally have a clause in their terms and conditions relating to the times that live music can play and the times the bar can serve until. We feel that's a little unfair having to cut the party short, which is why you wouldn't have to with a marquee wedding on private ground. The temporary events notice which is normally obtained by the bar company for the sale of alcohol on site, would stipulate the times they can serve to. So you can apply for the times you desire from the local authority.

9. You hand pick your catering, bar and entertainment

Choosing your own services allows you to search through locally talented suppliers and have them create something special for your big day. They can also tailor nicely to the theme or style you want to have for the occasion.

10. Full control of all the aspects of the day

Being in full control of the venue allows everything that goes on inside and around it to be fully customisable to your own wants and needs. This really is the best solution in order to give you and all of your attending guests a truly memorable experience. You may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work; however, there are plenty of specialists on hand to help guide you through the process.

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