Best Month to get Married - Which is the perfect season to tie the knot?

by: Acacia

2023 March 08
evening wedding reception looking at the backdrop of a well lit wedding marquee against a flood lit tree line

With the climate in the UK being what it is, it’s easy to see why so many couples aim for a summer wedding. But with such high demand for the perfect summer date, could an “out of season” wedding be the perfect option for you? Here we are going to look at the pros and cons of each season and try to establish which is the best month to get married for you.

In this post we will explore the main wedding marquee ideas and what you should be considering when choosing the right time of year for your wedding reception.

To avoid confusion, we are going to stick to the metrological calendar to reference each of the seasons.

Best Month to get Married – 1st March / 31st May - Spring

With blooming flowers, the days growing longer and the nights ever shorter, it always seems to boost people’s moods as they look forward to warmer temperatures ahead.

This time of year typically sees the start of the main festival season in the events calendar; however, the weather can be unpredictable. We’ve seen everything from snow and wind to Mediterranean temperatures during this season so it’s essential to always have measures in place to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Larger entrance porches and cosy chill-out areas are always popular wedding marquee ideas during spring as you can’t guarantee the weather being pleasant enough to enjoy the outside space. By having this extra space, it allows all guests to feel comfortable as the marquee welcomes the increased number of attendees for the evening’s celebrations.

With both the weather and temperature being unpredictable, the flooring choice is important. We would recommend a solid wooden floor with or without a new cord carpet in the colour of your choosing.

The evenings can feel short so it’s important to think hard about your lighting choices for the evening’s celebrations as these will be more of a feature than, say, a summer party where you can still have sunlight past 9 pm. For other wedding marquee ideas relating to lighting, you can see our post here.

Spring wedding marquee ideas summary:
  • Location (wild flower meadow)
  • Consider your flooring type
  • lighting more prominent
  • blackout star cloth
  • possible heating

daytime image of a wedding marquee reception with a bright blue sky above

Best Month to get Married - 1st June / 31st August - Summer

These are traditionally the months that hold the best weather for the British climate. However, this can be a little temperamental at times. With hours of unbroken sunshine and increased temperatures, it’s easy to see why this season holds the most popular months to host a wedding reception.

We also associate the Summer season with holidays, celebrations, and time off to do what you want to do. This, combined with schools having a summer holiday break, always makes this time of year more of “family time,” making the occasion special and memorable.

Marquees during this time of year are traditionally covered in clean ivory or white linings and have as many window walls or clear panels to help maximise the views out over the landscape. Having more window walls also gives you the options to open the sides of the marquee, which not only helps to bring the outside in but also helps with ventilation on warm, sunny days.

The popularity of clear roof panels has certainly increased in recent years; however, it’s best to proceed with caution when designing your wedding reception marquee. Under direct sunlight, the marquee can become very warm and so it’s advised to use these panels sparingly or in the reception or dance floor areas. Over the dining area looks spectacular, but could become uncomfortable and very bright for diners. You want your reception to be remembered for the right reasons. You can read more about this in our post here.

Summer wedding marquee ideas summary
  • Location (hilltop with views that stretch for miles)
  • maximise the windows including gable
  • use clear roofs with caution – ensure the outdoor space is sufficient for guests to enjoy the surroundings

Best Month to get Married – 1st September / 30th November - Autumn

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to choose for a wedding as the combination of somewhat mild temperatures, changing colours of the landscape, and stunning natural lighting can really set the scene for a cosy and romantic wedding marquee reception.

With the oranges and browns of the changing landscape, a more rustic, country feel to your reception will complement the time of year perfectly. Again, we stress the importance of lighting, especially when you can reap the benefits longer as the nights start to pull in. Lighting up the treeline or border of the wedding marquee with external flood lighting will give guests another visual reference from beyond the windows of the reception long after the sun has set. Warm lighting, such as festoon lighting, really enhances the colours found during this time of year and is the perfect addition both inside and outside the marquee.

With table displays and themes often focusing more on the flowers, colours, and harvested food for this time of year, rustic oak trestle tables and natural wood chairs provide a homely and comforting setting to really set the scene for the wedding breakfast.

The clear roof and window walls of the marquee can often be used as desired during this time of year with direct sunlight being less intense to the previous months gone by. They are the perfect addition to bring the outdoors in whilst maintaining that cosy, welcoming reception for all your guests to enjoy.

Autumn wedding ideas summary
  • Location (Treeline backdrop)
  • External flood lighting to enjoy the foliage and changing colours of the leaves
  • Temperature normally good enough to still enjoy outdoors
  • Clear roofs are the perfect addition
Evening image of a wedding marquee reception with orange autumn leaves framing the image thats also surrounded by festoon lighting

Best Month to get Married - 1st December – 28th February - Winter

Although one of the least popular months to marry from a wedding marquee standpoint, the winter season provides a unique offering that none of the others can deliver.

Winter brings Christmas and Christmas brings celebration. It’s a time of year that most people look forward to and is centred around family, partying, and coming together, so why not use this to your advantage and stage the perfect celebration for everyone to enjoy.

The festive season provides the perfect theme to incorporate into your wedding reception and we all know you can never go over the top when it comes to Christmas and New Year. The more decorations, props, lighting, and games the better. It all adds to what this time of year signifies and why it’s the perfect time to get together and celebrate in style.

You need to prepare for a marquee reception at this time of year. A solid wooden floor, heating, and plenty of space inside for all your guests to enjoy the reception is imperative. We would advise combining the marquee reception alongside a manor house, castle, or hotel. That way you can still enjoy all the magic that your fully-customised marquee reception has to offer as well as the grand offerings and roaring open fires of the adjoining house, which is particularly nice for photos of the special day

Fairy lights are a must and it’s easy to see why they are so popular for a wedding marquee reception. We would also advise adding colour washing of the linings, particularly in blues and purples to enhance the festive feel.

Winter wedding marquee ideas summary
  • Location (Manor house, Castle or hotel as a backdrop)
  • Heating is imperative – Christmas/festive vibe
  • Fairy lights and colour washing to enhance the theme
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations to coincide.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best month to get married. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities. Hopefully, these wedding marquee ideas will help you to choose the perfect season for your wedding reception, and create a day that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

long banqueting style tables run through the centre of this wedding marquee. the tables are laid ready for the wedding breakfast with gold chairs and fairy lights covering the ivory linings above
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