Let there be light! Lighting for marquee weddings and events

Table plan, Check! Flowers, Check! Now lets talk lighting.

by: Acacia

2020 August 27
lighting for marquees. A wedding reception marquee with ivory linings and fairy lights suspended from the roof space

This is an area that is occasionally overlooked as it may not be high on the priority list for your event, however the lighting used is not just to allow the event to go on long after the sun sets, it also plays a huge role in setting the scene and creating those memories that people will cherish forever.

Below we will go through a few reasons why the correct lighting is so important for your wedding or event.

wooden oak beam with drop lights and edison bulbs suspended in a wedding marquee reception

Setting the atmosphere.

Using the right lighting in the right places can transform the atmosphere of your event.
Direct bright white lighting is often used to illuminate important areas such as the entrance, reception or external areas surrounding the marquee. Subtler, warm white lighting can be used to create cosy, intimate spaces to relax and unwind, long into the evening. Whilst coloured accent lighting can be used to add energy and define areas, such as dancefloor, or band areas.
It's fun to experiment with these lighting options in different settings as this can introduce a bit of individualism and creativity into your event.

Controlling the budget.

Lighting is an extremely cost effective way of changing the feel of the marquee and the surrounding areas of the event. With many weddings opting for a colour scheme, traditionally the main way to introduce colour into a wedding marquee would be through the use of flowers or custom linings which can not only be expensive but as the natural light fades, so does the colour scheme. Adopting your colour scheme into the lighting installation ensures that the colour theme of the day is highlighted long into the evening.

Building the theme.

The lights themselves don't even have to be turned on for them to add to the theme of your event. The fixtures themselves should be considered as decorative features.
Chandeliers suspended from a wedding marquee reception will give a more formal and eloquent feel to the overall setting, whereas a wooden beam with drop lights and Edison bulbs would provide a much more rustic and country feel.

external wedding marquee at night with flood lights illuminating the surrounding tree line

Transitioning from day to night.

With guests typically arriving at a wedding marquee reception from early afternoon and some not leaving until the early hours of the following morning, it's a long time for anyone to be in one space and so keeping people entertained and happy is essential.
Turning on the lights to illuminate a fairy light canopy, the flood lights in the tree line surrounding the marquee, or even the colour washing of the linings from a formal white to blues, reds and greens as the band begins to play transforms the mood and signifies a new stage in the day's celebration.

Making your reception stand out.

Your wedding is going to be one of the happiest and memorable days of your life, however you choose to celebrate. But it's the little touches and attention to detail that can take an event from memorable to unforgettable, for you and your guests.

clear roof marquee wedding reception with fairy lights and tea lights suspended above the dining tables
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