Rustic Tables for your Wedding, Party or Celebration

Add a touch of rustic charm to your special event

by: Acacia

2023 January 04
Oak trestle table with wooden chairs set for a wedding breakfast in a marquee next to the river

If you're planning an event, whether it's a wedding, corporate function, or outdoor gathering, choosing the right tables can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your event. One option that is gaining popularity is rustic table hire, which brings a touch of natural charm and elegance to any occasion.

Rustic tables are often made of wood, with a distressed or reclaimed look that adds to their rustic charm. Trestle tables are named after the type of support system they use, which consists of a central beam that is supported by two diagonal legs. This design gives trestle tables a sturdy and stable base, making them perfect for use at events where food and drink will be served.

There are many reasons why rustic table hire is a great choice for events. For one, these tables have a warm and welcoming vibe that can help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. They also work well with a variety of decor styles, from shabby chic to vintage to modern. Rustic tables can be dressed up with table linens, flowers, and other decorative touches to suit the theme of your event, or they can be left au naturel for a more laid-back look.

round wooden rustic tables in a marquee

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, rustic tables also have a number of practical advantages. Because they are made of wood, they are durable and able to withstand heavy use. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a low-maintenance choice for event planners.

Once you've chosen a rustic table design, it's time to start planning the layout for your event. Trestle tables are typically rectangular in shape and can seat 6-10 people, depending on the size of the table. To create a cohesive look, it's a good idea to use tables of the same size and style. You can also mix and match different styles of rustic tables, such as long farmhouse tables or round bistro tables, to add variety and interest to your event space.

A standard 6ft long by 2ft 6” wide trestle table will comfortably seat 6 guests (three on either side. If they are to be used as a top table then a maximum of 3 guests would be ample for each table. If you require a longer top table to accommodate more guests then add as many tables as you require so everyone has enough room for the wedding breakfast.

When it comes to seating, there are a few options to consider. You can use chairs or benches with rustic tables, or opt for a more informal seating arrangement using cushions or pillows. For a rustic-chic look, consider using mismatched vintage chairs or painted wooden stools.

Another important factor to consider when planning your event is lighting. Rustic tables look especially beautiful when lit with candles or string lights, which can add a warm and romantic ambiance. You can also use fairy lights or paper lanterns to create a festive atmosphere.

long rows of oak trestle tables laid up for a wedding breakfast in a white marquee

Overall, rustic table hire is a versatile and stylish choice for any event. Whether you're planning a formal dinner party or a laid-back outdoor gathering, rustic tables can help create the perfect atmosphere and add a touch of natural charm. So if you want to add a rustic touch to your event, consider hiring trestle tables for a look that is both stylish and practical.

oak trestle tables laid in rows for a wedding breakfast inside a white marquee
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