Marquee Hire Prices - How much does a wedding marquee cost?

What should you expect to pay for a wedding marquee in 2020

by: Acacia

2020 January 31
rows of trestle tables and wooden cross back chairs sit underneath the clear roofs of this clearspan wedding marquee
We've updated this article here to include even more information to help plan and budget for your wedding marquee reception.

The standard answer is: 'it depends'.
And while this is true, it isn't very helpful, especially when you don't know what it depends on. So we'll break that down a little for you.

TLDR - ballpark £20 - £30 per seated dinner guest, plus an additional £10 - £15 per extra 'evening guest'.

The main thing that effects the price of a wedding reception is the number of guests - especially dinner guests - the more guests, the more furniture needed, the bigger the marquee.

The price of a marquee is dependent on things like size, style, location, and too many others to list here. But as a general rule, every guest needs, somewhere to sit, eat, stand, and dance.
So estimating a price per head should get you close.

Table display at a wedding reception

Every company has their own pricing structure, but, for reference (in 2020) we would suggests allowing £20 - £30 per dinner guest.
Where you land in this range depends on the options you choose, some furniture costs more than others, wood floor is more expensive than coir matting, extra structures cost more, you get the idea.

If there are going to be additional evening guests, then allow an extra £10 - £15 per evening guest (not including dinner guests), they need room on the dancefloor, room at the bar, more guests, more power needed, bigger generator, and so on.

Other things to consider:

Time of year - during peak season when the demand is highest, the equipment is at full price, there's only so much to go around. Discounts can be found by booking 'off-season', think late-spring, or early autumn. However not all companies operate off-season, and there is the issue of the weather. Over the years we have had some beautiful spring weddings, sunny days with clear crisp nights. If the weather is cold or rainy though, the price of heaters may need to be added, so that is worth considering.

Location - the farther the crew and equipment have to travel, the higher the cost. Not a major factor for small events, but on large events, with multiple vehicles, and multiple trips per day, this can add up. Also, locations where access is limited, may have extra costs, the closer the vehicles can get to the site, the less time it takes to build.

In the end, our answer is still 'it depends', but hopefully now you have an idea of what it depends on, and how much to budget for.
If you'd like a more definite price then get in touch, and we'll be happy to give you a quote.

external image of a white clearspan marquee with panoramic window walls in a green field with blue skies above
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