As the daylight fades, the marquee reception is illuminated by tea lights placed in the suspended floral display. Accompanied by outdoor flood lighting all visible underneath the clear roofs of the marquee.


Time to shine

The lighting options within the marquee will define the atmosphere for the entire day. The stylish ivory chandeliers are only the beginning for what is possible. We have a variety of LED lighting for hire which will transform the area to create the ambience you desire.


Our distressed ivory chandeliers are a striking and elegant edition to any marquee. All of our chandeliers are supplied with inline dimmer switches so once the party gets underway, you can dim the light to create the perfect atmosphere.

Rustic Oak Beam Light Fixtures

Our rustic oak beams, provide an impressive display along the marquee centre, and can be paired with floral displays to great effect.

Fairy light canopy

Similar to the star lighting, the fairy light canopy is an increasingly popular option that is installed alongside the internal ivory linings to really make the evening reception come to life. The density of lights can be altered to achieve the desired effect.

The beauty of this addition is that you can still include the LED colour-washing effect to change the background colour of the linings.

Blackout Starcloth / Star lighting

The star lighting creates the perfect backdrop to replicate the nights sky. The bright LED lights sparkling against the blackout fabric enhances the dance floor area and creates the perfect setting to dance the night away into the early hours.

External Flood Lighting

Providing flood lighting to illuminate the surrounding area of the marquee extends the boundaries and highlights the external environment long after the sun has set. Creatively using lighting in this way enhances the experience for all the guests as well as change the feel from a more traditional wedding reception to that of a party atmosphere.

Festoon lighting

This popular exterior light gives a warming glow to illuminate walkways, garden parties and seating areas. We're also seeing festoon lighting creatively being used inside the marquee to give a more country/ rustic theme to the event.

LED lights and Colourwashing

LED up lighters are the perfect additions to inject colour into your event without having to have a dedicated colour scheme throughout the day. Up lighters can be positioned anywhere around the marquee however they do look particularly effective behind drapes or wall linings.

As well as the more vibrant Blues, reds and greens, we can also create more subtle pastel shades to really give the marquee presence when the sun goes down.