As the daylight fades, the marquee reception is illuminated by tea lights placed in the suspended floral display. Accompanied by outdoor flood lighting all visible underneath the clear roofs of the marquee.

Dance floor Hire

Dance the night away

As a guide, we recommend getting a dance floor large enough to hold a third of your evening guests. So for example, for 210 total guests, an 18ft x 18ft dance floor would hold 70 guests, for 400 guests a 24ft x 24ft dance floor would be appropriate. The exact size of the dance floor can depend on dance floor type and room available.

Oak Parquet Dance floor

A very traditional style dance floor that looks great in any setting. Hard wearing and extremely versatile in any surrounding. Particularly popular with more rustic, vintage and country style weddings and functions.

White Acrylic Dance Floor

A beautiful and elegant looking dance floor, the perfect space to have you first dance and accompanies any wedding reception perfectly. A real state piece to define the dance area and is particularly suited to accompany black star cloth and LED uplighters

Black and White Dance Floor

A more modern take on the traditional dance floor. These high gloss black and white panels really do define the dance are and give a nice contrast to any wedding reception, party or event.